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Author: Michael Mullin
Cover art and illustrations: John Skewes
Published: February 22nd 2013
By: Gemiknight Studios LLC
Series: TaleSpins #1-3


A trilogy of alternative fairytales and retellings. Discover the real Snow White story through the eyes of Creepy, the unknown 8th dwarf! Meet a teen princess who hires “The Frog Prince” witch to get revenge on a Mean Girl at school! And learn how the giant, boy thief and magic beans tale truly went down!




My Review

While the blurb for this book makes it sound like it is an innocent, humorous book for children, it really is aimed at a more mature audience. I would NOT allow my 11 year old to read this because of the sexual induendos.

That said, this book had me in stitches I was laughing so hard! The poetry was rather cute and almost had a Dr Suess quality to it. The book(s) were a fast read and a definite page turner.

The “true” ways that these fairytales “went down” is beyond words and a definite must read. It flowed beautifully and had great rhythm.

This would make an awesome book for the person who has everything. I would say that it isn’t a “clean” book but it is by no means vulgar or crude either.

About the Author

Meet Michael Mullin

Michael Mullin is a native New Englander living in Pasadena. He is the author of TaleSpins, a trilogy of alternative fairy tales and retellings for YA readers. TaleSpins stories (in the 1-book collection) are “8: The Previously Untold Story of the Previously Unknown 8th Dwarf”; “The Plight and Plot of Princess Penny”; and “Jack’d”. Michael is also the co-author of the successful “Larry Gets Lost” children’s book series. His screenplay “Zooing Time” was recognized by the WGA’s Written By magazine. Before all this writing, he taught preschool and college, two positions he found disconcertingly similar.

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Twitter: TaleSpinsBooks

Genre: Young AdultHumorScience Fiction & Fantasy


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