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Dec 282015

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Sep 182015

The sound of acoustic guitars playing around the Christmas tree, out in the garage, or around a bon fire is something beautiful and fun. Music has a way of bringing people together, it can portray a feeling or emotion, use lyrics that can’t be forgotten or notes that speak directly to your soul. You can do worship music or start your own grunge band all with an acoustic guitar!

So, why not start things off right to begin with and avoid the noise of a poorly made guitar and put that same money on a true instrument that is in itself a piece of art, or in this case, art that creates art! Hop on over to Musicians Friend and find the perfect fit for your family and celebrate together through your love of music!

Jul 172015

I have been looking to finish the basement living room, it needs paint and some lighting, okay a lot of lighting, as it doesn’t have any natural light. I have hopped over to the home and patio décor center website and have been looking at photos looking for inspiration.

The Home and Patio Decor Center has everything from bedroom furniture to outdoor lighting and patio umbrella’s. They also have indoor and outdoor fireplaces. I am feeling so excited to get this basement project of mine finished and this site has everything I could possibly need and more to get a bright, yet classic look that will make the room inviting.

Another thing that excites me is the storage options that they offer. Since the basement is unfinished there is NO CLOSET SPACE at all which isn’t the best. I struggle to keep things looking clean and put away when there is no where for storage so anything that is beautiful and acts as storage is a definite plus!

Check out this website, you definitely will not be disappointed and you will likely find some fun stuff that speaks to your personal style.

Whether your style is American Farmhouse or ultra modern I am 100% certain that this amazing site has everything you could possibly want and more!!

Jul 172015

Now playing the piano in your home doesn’t need to take a lot of space or cost a small fortune. You can get to learning the piano keyboard really quickly and on any budget. Learn about what type of piano keyboard you need by reading about who it is for, whether or not you need weighted keys and how many keys your piano needs! If after reading through these different subjects you still aren’t sure what is best for you and your family then you can add comments and get responses quickly and easily! Super fun and a great investment for the coming school year!

May 042015

downloadThe long-awaited follow up to the BOSS GT-10 has arrived. Introducing the BOSS GT-100 guitar multi-effects pedal is now available from gutar center! They also now ship to Canada and they have a lowest price guarantee. Who doesn’t want the lowest price? They also offer extended warranty of up to 5 years, so you know that what you buy is protected and is going to work for you for years to come. Musicians invest a lot into their equipment and having the best price and the best coverage is a great way to know that your investment is protected!

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