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Jan 242014


Reading HIs VisitsI have recently been reading and inspired by a book I reviewed called Seeing the Voice of God. Somehow, this book changed me, changed me in one of those good ways where instead of feeling like you’re wrong, or like you’re a freak you can actually say that yes I am having dreams, day and night and I am able to see His voice.

Reading into these thoughts and realize that yes, they are messages from God. I am not “evil” as some people think because I am not practicing some form of evil. I am practicing my communication skills with God, with Christ! I am reading the Bible, I am reading blogs by women who love Him as dearly as I do and I am one of the ones who is blessed to be visited by Him in the form of dreams!

His hands cup my soul, they give me visions of the past, the future, the present. He visits me because I am His child. He tells me His story because I am ready to read. His presence is always there because He lives in me but it is those visits that truly reveal to me the plans He has for my life.

Reading-Oh How Good It Feels

When I found out I was pregnant with DS9 my grandma had died only about two months before. Six days after conception, yes six days, she came to me as a spirit in a dream and she congratulated me on being pregnant with a baby boy. About 3 weeks and a dozen pregnancy tests later a FAINT line could be seen, one that I could only see in the brightest of windows and it had confirmed what I had already been told. I remember this visit from my grandma as very spiritual. I remember it in its entirety. She was whole, healthy, excited and at peace and she was my grandmother, sent to me from the Heavens to announce my pregnancy.

An angel came to me, sent by the Lord and told me I was pregnant. Told me I was carrying a boy, even his middle name was revealed to me in that visit. These women of the Bible. The ones who had these same spiritual, soul encompassing and life altering experiences are still walking today! I know, because the Lord blessed me as He chose me to learn of this special gift the way those women from years and years ago learned. I am not alone. He visits. He sends angels. You just have to be readings the messages He paints for you so you don’t chalk it up to coincidence and write Him off. If you refuse to see what He places right in front of you, how will you read those bigger messages?

Accept His visits. See the Voice of God!


Jan 242014

Ordered – Working on God’s Time

I love how the Lord listens to our hearts and our prayer and how He listens to what it is I not only want but need. I am often found saying “if it’s meant to be it will be” and over the holiday season I began to follow a lovely Christian author -Ann Voskamp. Oh how I wanted to get her books but I just couldn’t afford it so I prayed and I tried to find a way or a place that made her three titles affordable to me, I couldn’t spend money on shipping for three separate orders so it only made sense to wait and order the books as a package.

Then, yesterday, it happened! I ordered the books from Amazon.ca! I also received a free 30 day membership to Amazon Prime and I lucked out and received free shipping! The Lord had LISTENED and He knows my heart is ready to read these books and be blessed by the impact they will have on my life.

I had woke up yesterday to an Amazon gift card in my email which not only covered the price of the books but also left me with 9 dollars to spend at another time. I plan to get my son the Action Bible and my daughter “Before You Meet Prince Charming: A Guide to Radiant Purity” by Sarah Mally. I have been using SwagBucks to work towards getting a gift card to pay for these two books and I have also been doing surveys.

I can’t wait for my newly ordered books to get here so that I can indulge in Ann Voskamp’s extraordinary, god-driven, prose. Oh how I love how she blogs and speaks in a manner that pulls one in because of the poetic and song like way she places the Lords Word into our hearts and minds.”

Hundreds of thousands of readers have already fallen in love with Ann Voskamp’s One Thousand Gifts, and this Christmas, Ann invites readers into the rich and meaningful celebration of Christmas we all long for — a celebration of the complete love story that’s been coming for you since the very beginning.  
In what is certain to become an instant holiday classic, Voskamp reaches back into the pages of the Old Testament to explore the lineage of Jesus — the greatest gift — through the majestic advent tradition of “The Jesse Tree,” each day featuring its own exquisite ornament highlighting the Biblical story (free download of each of the 25 ornaments available from Voskamp’s website, annvoskamp.com ).
Beginning with Jesse, the father of David, The Greatest Gift retraces the epic pageantry of mankind, from Adam to the Messiah, with each day’s profound reading pointing to the coming promise of Christ, so that come Christmas morning you find that the season hasn’t blurred past you but your heart’s fully unwrapped the greatest gift you’ve always yearned for.
Sure to become a holiday staple in every Christian home, The Greatest Gift, a New York Times bestseller, is the perfect gift for the holidays and a timeless invitation into the richness of the true meaning of Christmas.
$19.99 USD
Just like you, Ann Voskamp hungers to live her one life well. Forget the bucket lists that have us escaping our everyday lives for exotic experiences. ‘How,’ Ann wondered, ‘do we find joy in the midst of deadlines, debt, drama, and daily duties? What does the Christ-life really look like when your days are gritty, long–and sometimes even dark? How is God even here?’ In One Thousand Gifts, Ann invites you to embrace everyday blessings and embark on the transformative spiritual discipline of chronicling God’s gifts. It’s only in this expressing of gratitude for the life we already have, we discover the life we’ve always wanted…a life we can take, give thanks for, and break for others. We come to feel and know the impossible right down in our bones: we are wildly loved–by God. Let Ann’s beautiful, heart-aching stories of the everyday give you a way of seeing that opens your eyes to ordinary amazing grace, a way of being present to God that makes you deeply happy, and a way of living that is finally fully alive. Come live the best dare of all!
$18.99 USD

Following the New York Times Bestseller, One Thousand Gifts — a guide to giving thanks and finding joy in all aspects of life — Ann Voskamp returns with this companion One Thousand Gifts Devotional. How in the world do we find real joy and experience grace in the midst of deadlines, debt, drama, and all these daily duties? 


These sixty reflections, each one like a singular tree, invite you to take wing into a forest of graces. Glimpses of grace that will lead you into your own lifestyle of Christ-focus and communion. Into how your desperate need of Him every moment is wildly met with His extravagant love for you. As practical as profound, this devotional offers real life transformation with intentional space to begin the radical habit of thanking God for your own one thousand gifts.  


The endless grace of our overflowing God, it’s meant to be experienced directly. The most important thing is simply to begin. 


Pick up a pen and this book — and change your life.  Take the dare to fully live!


God’s just waiting to bless you with the greatest gift of all—more and more of Himself….

$18.99 USD
Jan 032014

Fight is this Weeks Prompt


It seems that this is the season to bring Christ into our lives but it’s the season where emotions run high and money runs tight and we often find ourselves being snappy and argumentative and involved in family fights for no reason that we even understand!

We have to remember that to fight is to cause fright and to cause fright is to be a bully and I don’t want to be a bully, especially to my family so I must find the time to slow down and take those pieces and turn them to peace in my heart and on my tongue so that instead of fighting with all my might isn’t necessary except in my walk with the our Lord.

I want to fight for the al-might-y. I want to scream His words into the streets and I want His message to be carried on the wings of eagles so that the past stays in the past and it doesn’t have the footing to last so the fight and the anger and the meanness that we can become no longer has a place in my heart or in my home and that fight can be cast out and the space in the place that He takes will not just be a small part.Five Minute Friday

Something’s are worth the fight and through His power, His grace, His might, I will one day be blessed to lay my eyes on His face. Yes to fight for what I believe in and care for isn’t a fight at all, it is a rite of passage. It makes me a warrior, a warrior for Christ, the Christ child and everything the bright light in my heart and the sky can stand and represent and I am filled with his love, love that is only capable and unconditional because it is ordained from up above.

His LOVE is worth the FIGHT!


Sep 202013

She, Five Minute FridayShe leads a lonely life trapped in her own thoughts and dreaming of things that may never come true. The picket fence life, a brood of children and a husband who makes sure everything is okay, that the bills are paid and is pleased when dinner is on the table.

She feels damaged, broken even. By the past, by the man who took her, used her, broke her and then left her for dead. She still wears the scars inside and out and she struggles to make sense of it all even though it has been years since she escaped, years since the torture ended.

She is confused. She is in need. She knows what she wants but is afraid to ask, afraid to feel dirty or wrong.

She is beautiful yet she doesn’t know it, she doesn’t believe it when she is told. She is never good enough, at least not in her own eyes, which leaves her feeling desperate to be wanted and loved and needed, desperate to serve her Lord, her Master.

She is screaming inside and trying so hard to get out but she needs Him to reach into her, open her up and make her see all that she has to offer. She needs to know she is unconditionally loved and wanted.

She is alone, sad, desperate and scared.

She is me.

Aug 302013

Blogging Brands

As the above graphic shows most Bloggers only blog about things they think are reputable. This is great for other Bloggers because it leaves a LARGE gap for content about many other things.

Now that you know what most people post about you can think outside of the box and do things that others are not. This will drive traffic to your site, move you up in Google and Bing search engines and even help with funding your blog!

Instead of support for the big companies and the high-end names support your local businesses or independent businesses on Etsy or Ebay or where ever and only good things will come!

What Should I be Blogging About?

ANYTHING and everything!

  • your favorite ice cream shop
  • the man who held the door for you
  • customer service you received
  • a good deed someone did for you
  • handmade items, like carvings, recipes, farmers market type items
  • purchases you have made on Ebay or Etsy
  • a book you have read
  • a TV show or a movie
  • friends, family
  • random thoughts

and the list goes on!

Why is Blogging so Important?

We are the new “newscast”! People are sick of listening to commercials on TV telling them what to buy. A large group no longer even has TV they use companies like Netflix which are commercial free as a means of getting direct entertainment on demand. So companies big and small have had to come around to this new means of word of mouth advertizing and get individuals to use their products in exchange for honest reviews!

What does this mean for you?

It means if you work hard and consistently you will get free products of all types from companies hoping you will give them a spot on your blog and spread the word about their product. It also means traffic and traffic means any monetizing you are using will likely increase and you will start being paid for blogging!

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