Aug 022013

Five Minute FridayWe all have a story, some more tragic than others, some paths a lot harder to walk. We may trip we may fall and we will most definitely get frustrated and even angry at times. Yet it’s our story that creates who we are today and who we will be tomorrow. The pain turns to wisdom and lessons learned and the joyous moments we capture in our hearts, in our cameras and we hold onto those moments for a life time knowing full well that regardless of how hard we try we will never be able to go back. Those moments of joy will not repeat, we can create new moments, new memories but what’s done is done.

We pray for a way out of the darkness so that we can live only in those joyous moments but when I consider what my Saviour has done for me, how he bled, how he stumbled and fell, how He left his physical vessel through a tragic demise, I am able to see the message the Lord has for me in my life. My reasons for falling and collapsing, I am a soul attached to this body. My eternity is with God, outside of this shell and free to explore the Heavens and to see things the way He has created me to see.

So while my pain from my story eats at me as days turn into years I find solace in the knowledge that this hurt gives me empathy, perspective and a view that few others have. I am able to empathize, I am able to love unconditionally because I too have been shown that unconditional love.

The aches that possess my body and the scars that I carry both inside and out have turned me into me and I am the only person I want to be!

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  1. Visiting from FMF … neighbors this week. Thank you for your poignant post. “Those moments of joy will not repeat” resonated with me. Treasure each moment of joy!

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