Oct 032015

About a month ago I received these wipes in the mail as a sample. I really wanted to like them because they are inexpensive and are an Allure Best of Beauty award winner.

I don’t wear much for makeup, a CC+ Cream as my foundation, Bye Bye Undereyes as my all over concealer and brightener, and a lot of nude shadows with waterproof tightline mascara. All of my makeup is from IT Cosmetics, except for my favorite eyeliners, which are from Smashbox. I also have some drug store lip colors from NYC and a few eyeliners from Avon (you need Avon eyeliner in your life).

I was using Skinn cosmetics makeup removing wipes which were about a dollar a wipe through The Shopping Channel in Canada. They worked well, but they were a DOLLAR each which is crazy!

So when I finished up the Skinn wipes I opened up my sample of Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes, which claim to even remove waterproof mascara and are made for sensitive skin, I break out easily and have sensitive skin and a lot of allergies.

The pro’s:

  • No strong fragrance, they didn’t smell like anything really
  • They were very moist
  • They were super soft
  • They didn’t burn or sting my eyes
  • They did not cause me to break out
  • They are in fact hydrating as claimed
  • No residue left to wash off on lazy days

The Cons:

  • They did NOT remove my makeup -not my CC+, eyeshadow, lip color or concealer, in fact, the wipes looked clean when I was done using them
  • I ended up having to scrub to get any makeup off
  • I had to use more than one wipe each evening

Unfortunately, I will not be buying the Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes because they just don’t do what they say they are going to do. On no-makeup days my skin did feel refreshed and cleansed but for $8.27 for 25 wipes that don’t remove makeup it simply isn’t worth the price.

I am giving these Simple Facial Cleansing Wipes 2 stars because they were gentle and didn’t irritate my skin. It is really unfortunate because had they removed my makeup as promised I would have definitely purchased them!

ALL of this said, I would try their other cleansing products, maybe their formula is better when it isn’t in a wipe. I loved the fact that they didn’t break me out or anger my allergies. I will definitely keep an eye out for other products in this line and try them out.

Have you tried this brand? Was your experience the same as mine? What is your holy grail makeup remover!?

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