Sep 202013

She, Five Minute FridayShe leads a lonely life trapped in her own thoughts and dreaming of things that may never come true. The picket fence life, a brood of children and a husband who makes sure everything is okay, that the bills are paid and is pleased when dinner is on the table.

She feels damaged, broken even. By the past, by the man who took her, used her, broke her and then left her for dead. She still wears the scars inside and out and she struggles to make sense of it all even though it has been years since she escaped, years since the torture ended.

She is confused. She is in need. She knows what she wants but is afraid to ask, afraid to feel dirty or wrong.

She is beautiful yet she doesn’t know it, she doesn’t believe it when she is told. She is never good enough, at least not in her own eyes, which leaves her feeling desperate to be wanted and loved and needed, desperate to serve her Lord, her Master.

She is screaming inside and trying so hard to get out but she needs Him to reach into her, open her up and make her see all that she has to offer. She needs to know she is unconditionally loved and wanted.

She is alone, sad, desperate and scared.

She is me.

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  One Response to “She…”

  1. You are beautiful! And needed. And wanted.

    But I also understand what you’re saying & feel many of the same things myself.

    I never feel like I’m “enough” either. But He made us enough, exactly how He wanted us.

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