Jun 212013

Five Minute FridayI listen to my dd as she plays some song guessing game on one of her electronics and I feel so refreshed that she is learning, even just short clips, songs written and performed over the years by people like Clapton, the Beatles, Lennon, and then how I am learning the names of the new songs when I help her. It is hard to get the right answer when everything is played on guitar and so much music now is more of a digital cornucopia of random sounds with words sung in front of them without having anything to do with the beat behind. My Word has music ever changed since I was her age only 17 years ago.

As the volume gets turned down I think about the rhythm of life, the sounds that create the world around us that become ambient noise that we don’t even realize is there until the sounds have disappeared and we are left in silence. Like that dead quiet that comes when the power is out and you’re left with your thoughts and only your thoughts.

The rhythm being that of the birds singing, the wind blowing, the dogs making their weird yawning noises, the washer and dryer and the dishwasher running. Oh how I love the breeze coming in today cooling the air and threatening us with a thunder storm at some point by the smell and feel of the air. Fresh air is beautiful, it makes you tired and wears you and your children out like nothing else can. Being in the presence of fresh air given to us by God just like the sounds that He has provided for us! The “nuisance” sounds of animals in the wilderness squawking and making so much noise that people think they are a problem. Sounds are not a problem, the cries of your baby, the fighting of your children you dog that won’t quit barking no matter how frustrated you become. Those are the things that create the rhythm of life and all of them were given to us by God. Instead of hearing noise, we all must learn to hear the beauty in the sounds around us.

I just realized this post has no rhythm 😛

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  3 Responses to “Rhythm”

  1. Hi Marisa,
    Stopping in from FMF…
    Loved your post and I too enjoy hearing the real noise out there – God given weather it’s nature or the kids arguing. It’s real and it belongs to Him.
    Thanks for sharing today… nice to meet you

  2. “Instead of hearing noise, we all must learn to hear the beauty in the sounds around us.” I loved this!

  3. Awesome! As I read your post I am listening to the rain come down outside my office window. It is really interesting all the different sounds and rythms the rain drops make. Beautiful. Thanks for allowing me to notice. Best Regards, Wendy http://wendybottrell.com

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