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Review Policy - Hide The Matches

Review Policy


This is a family friendly website and though I love books from many different genres I will not post reviews for books that are pornographic, teach about premarital sex with no lesson learned or any book with provocative and/or racy cover designs.

I am not in the habit of reading books to give them bad reviews. If I receive a copy of your book, whether it is print or electronic, and it is not for me I will not review it or feature it on my blog(s).

While I do NOT charge for the review itself I do have a nominal fee to cover my time, this fee is still lower than minimum wage but it does help to keep things running smoothly for both authors/publishers and my audience. This is explained in further detail when I email you regarding your review request.

While in most cases I am willing to review any genre I personally enjoy books that are closer to real life and less fantasy.

YA, romance, self-help, crime (as long as it’s not gory), recipe books, historical, fiction and non-fiction and Christian books are all often in my to-read pile. I also enjoy Bible studies, children’s books and poetry.

My review of the book or product is my opinion or the opinion of someone who is guest reviewing on my website(s) and is not compensated.

If you pay for my time and I do not feature your book or product on my website you will receive a partial refund via PayPal within 14 days of me receiving the book.

If you gift me a book through Amazon and I do not have your email address and cannot accept the gift it will be exchanged. Some titles are not available for download here and this is completely out of my control. Please check with Amazon before you gift a book or product.

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