Feb 032014

Pinterest -The New Social Media

You have all seen it. That Pinterest box in the sidebar on your favorite blogs and you wonder how the web designer placed that there.

The Pinterest Widget

While on Pinterest click on profile and boards in the

top right corner. This will pull up your personal Pinterest page. Next to where your website is there is a <> Click on that and your embed code will pop up for you to copy and paste onto your website. Once you have copied this code into your sidebar or wherever you would like your widget to be seen hit save and then visit your site. If you did this last step correctly the Pinterest Widget will be on your page.

Verify Your Pinterest Page

This is the little grey check next to the web address of the person who you are following on Pinterest. Having a site verified tells the audience that you really do run this website and it also helps you to show up in search engines and even raise your rank. Though not necessary I highly recommend you do this. I have gained most of my followers since I verified a week or so ago. This may seem like a lot of steps but it really isn’t and is super easy.

  • Download FileZilla Client it works like magic and makes adding files a breeze. Install it and then open it up.

FileZilla client open

  • Next, type in your host which is normally just your website. Mine is hidethematches.com I am with GoDaddy and they host my site so the username and password are actually both to my GoDaddy account, not my WordPress account.
  • Then click “Quickconnect” and your files and everything should load no problem.
  • Now on the right-hand side you will see “remote site” and then below that another box that says “Filename”.  In the Filename section scroll to see if your index file is in this area, or whatever you have named your pages.


  • Next, login to Pinterest and go to your settings.
  • Go into “Edit Profile”, here you will see a spot to put your web address. Fill that in with your website and click the “verify” button next to your address


  • The option to verify with a download or with meta will come up. Download the file and ignore the meta. DO NOT CHANGE THE FILE NAME AT ALL and just save it to your desktop. Leave this open as you are heading right back.

    verify your website

  • Now, jump back over to FileZilla {you may need to hit quick connect if you timed out}
  • Pick up the file you have saved from Pinterest from your desktop and drag it over to the file name section. Drop it in with the pages, not the folders. If you drop it in with the folders it will go in the folders and we do NOT want to mess around with those unless we know exactly what we are doing, or enjoy headaches!
  • Now that your file is over there the top will be whirling away for a few seconds as it updates, once this is finished return to Pinterest where you should still have the window open and click the “complete verification” button.

For me it says it can’t be verified, but when I click the verification button a second time it says the site is already verified. Then when I go look at my Pinterest page I can now see the verification check next to my website.


Finally, once verification is complete you can go back over to FileZilla and either close it or you can actually delete the Pinterest file you had placed in there. I choose to delete mine because the less stuff on your site the faster it seems to run.

I am excited to see all of the Pinterest widgets on everyone’s website. I hope this quick post helps you so that more people can see what you find Pinteresting!

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