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This year I have decided to participate in focusing on one word to implement into my life this year instead of having a New Years resolution because lets face it, resolutions are pretty useless for almost all of us. So i decided to jump on the bandwagon and pick a word for the year.


If i can organize my bills, my home, my life and get rid of the chaos then I feel as though things will fall into place because an organized mama is a mama who isn’t frazzled and she wears less stress. Right?

So far I have started with Flylady.  Though I am not following her program word for word. I am Implementing the 15 minutes at a time to motivate me. I have also pulled out the old control journal and i am now seeing that i have a lot of things to pull together into one place so that I can get organized.

First I need to pull out the calendar and I have to put birthdays and special occasions on it.
I also need to put things that need done on it, like vaccinations for kids and pets.
I need to put when bills are due and what the cost will be so i can have a WORKING budget instead of a budget that doesn’t work.
I have to go through my purse and pull out my receipts and keep the ones that are important and file them into the appropriate months.

I also should put together a list of important numbers like:
veterinary clinic
family and friends
I should also note the kids health card numbers so that they can be carried in each adults wallet in case they are to need medical attention before the adult who has their card arrives.

Say Goodbye to Chaos and Hello to Peace of Mind

None of this is necessarily fun to think of but it is a big step into keeping a peace of mind for myself and my family as they will know where all of this information is at all times which in turn comes back to me having peace of mind from being organized.

What is your word for the year?
Did you decide to do a resolution instead?

We are nearly half-way through January already and North America has seen a LOT of weird weather where having this information could definitely save time and even lives.
Keeping everything stored in our computers or phones or tablets is a great idea for daily use but we need to have a hard copy as well because batteries die and services go down.
As people in the Toronto area found out over the holidays cold weather and ice storms can leave you cold and in desperate need to know where to go and how to get there.
Warming centers were set up throughout the city but the concern was how to make sure people knew about them and where they were located!

So I am going to start with preparing a binder with all of this information in it because I have no clue when or if i will need that information but being able to grab that binder on the way to a warming center or a hospital is a great way to be able to safely remember things when the world is in chaos.
Even if it’s just my personal world!


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