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Through a Mother’s Eyes

Through A Mother's Eyes filicideBy: Cary Allen Stone


Filicide, the parental murder of children, is an escalating crisis in America. Through a Mother’s Eyes tells the true story of a mother who chose to take the life of her six-year-old son. It teaches the reader about the warning signs, prevention, the legal system and presents alternatives to anyone contemplating such an unspeakable act.

A Letter to The Author

Dear Mr. Stone,

Thanks very much for sending me “Through a Mother’s Eyes.” I had the opportunity to read it this week. You certainly capture many of the central issues I have repeatedly seen in mothers who kill their children. You also did a great job of presenting it without bias. I believe the public is well served by seeing inside the mind of a woman in such a complicated case of child murder.

Best regards, Phillip J. Resnick, M.D.

Amazon Comments

‘Through a Mother’s Eyes’ presents a chilling look at human nature in a context where the lines between right and wrong are obscured. It is compellingly written account of one woman’s life and what drove her to the brink. It neither condemns her actions nor supports them but leaves one to wonder how close the edge really is for every one of us. It seems that the author is writing with this purpose in mind…to bring to our attention how seemingly small ‘everyday’ choices and events build up. They shape our personality, perception, thought and justification process, and eventually our actions as surely as water shapes sandstone. It is a fascinating but tragic study in human nature but one that should not be missed.”


Great book November 2, 2012

Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
I dont think I’ve read a book that has ever looked into the why. This book did. And did a great job at doing it! This book explains what Julie was thinking and doesn’t give a “sensationalized” opinion. It was well worth the read. I don’t agree with what she did, but then again that’s not the point of this book, but I do better understand her frame of mind. Good job goes to the author.

Captivating May 22, 2013

Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
While quite disturbing it was a well written book with a strong message. It’s a side that normally isn’t heard in this manner.

My Review

Having met some of the most well known women in Canada who were found guilty of infanticide or killing their own children, this book was a hard read but also a good read. It delved into the aspects of things that I had already known because of my experience with these women and their families as well as taught me things I didn’t know or couldn’t know because the women themselves were still in states of delusion or psychosis and unable to comprehend what had occurred. In many cases the women who I have met described it as a dream like state that they have disassociated from and I think that Through A Mother’s Eyes really touches on the tiny pushes in life that lead to that final one where all ability to rationalize is lifted and we are finally able to have genuine insight into what is going on in the mind of someone who is suffering so much emotionally.

Cary Allen Stone has done an amazing job penning the facts of this case and though it does jump around a bit I gather that is the way in which the story was told to him by the main character, Julie. Instead of attempting to piece together this fluid story that is perfectly logical I think it was ingenious of him to write it how he heard it because this also lends a hand into seeing the thought process of a lost mother who loved her kid so much she was willing to kill it to save it from abuse and a life of pain.

Now, I know many people who are reading this are thinking I am sick for even reviewing a book with such a topic but if you’re a Christian then you know that Abraham was willing to sacrifice his son on the alter at Gods command, despite how much it hurt him, God sent angels that intervened. God later sent His own son, Jesus, and sacrificed Him for us.

So to judge isn’t fair because you haven’t been there and you don’t know.

This book is non-fiction. It is to educate you. It is to encourage you to seek help within your own family and with those around you if you think things aren’t right.

This book was written in the hopes that other women and children wouldn’t have to suffer this type of destiny and if you open your heart and really read this book you can see how easily it is that it could be you, or someone you know.

Judging won’t get you anywhere, prevention will.

About the Author

I was born in 1953 and received a Bachelor of Arts in 1976. In 1972, I started private pilot flying lessons and progressed to Airline Transport Pilot certification in 1978. I taught new students, flew twin-engine charters, corporate jets, and finally airliners like the B727, DC-9, B737, A300, and L1011. I was hired for my first airline job in 1982. I have flown throughout the United States and to foreign countries. One country wanted me to stay longer and kept my crew hostage inside my B727 until the State Department got us released. I currently fly for Southwest Airlines based in Phoenix, Arizona.

Growing up in South Florida, and aviation, has given me a very unique perspective of this planet we live on. Flying had a lot to do with getting me started with my writing. I was asked one day to fly a Citation jet for a famous film director who was scouting locations in the Caribbean. I spent ten days with Sir Ridley Scott. It was a turning point for me. I had just started to put words to paper. The trip gave me an opportunity to discuss my writing with him. He encouraged me to write and after the trip even reviewed some of my work.

Around 2005, while flying to Orlando, I met a famous movie star onboard and we talked about writing. He and I became collaborators. I wrote a few screenplays. That took me into the Hollywood environment for several years where I learned more about the perspective and technical aspects of the film industry. I had a lot of fun, met a great many celebrities, and even appeared as an extra in “The Dukes” although the final edit only showed the back of my head…twice.

Since then, I have continued to fly and write. I self-publish my books through Amazon and have a great time doing so under my Fine Line Books. I’ve written short stories and have authored a true crime case study of “filicide” titled Through a Mother’s Eyes. And I have written four fictional crime stories. My Jake Roberts series includes: After the Evil, Mind Over Murder, and After the Goode. I also have a cybercrime thriller titled Stealing Atlanta. I am currently writing my next Jake Roberts novel, After the Kill.

In the past, I have also done voice-over commercials, performed a non-speaking role in an AAA travel commercial, and performed stand-up on open mike nights at Bonkerz in Orlando, Punchline and Funny Farm in Atlanta. I once represented the United States with comedy/magic at the Night of Magic in Bogota, Colombia.

My significant other has believed in me through all these years and I couldn’t have done any of it without her. She is still at my side every moment.

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