Jan 282016

As some people know, I am in love with the tiny house movement and have been considering building my own. In doing so I have also been looking at awesome storage options to help keep things neat and tidy. My parents kitchen is also over 20 years old and in need of an update, so looking at kitchen stuff that is multipurpose, saves space, looks great and is functional has been something I have been doing. If you look at my YouTube you will see I have liked about a zillion organizing and tiny house videos recently. So, I was excited to stumble across this website, ovisonline.com

I had never heard of OVIS and when I clicked that link and saw the Kitchenaid Mixer on a pull out counter/shelf and baskets in drawers I was immediately in awe!!! I am so excited to start pinning ideas from this site and more importantly, excited for when I do get to do some reno’s (big or small) because there are definitely some amazing ideas that this company has come up with that I would absolutely LOVE to implement into my home!

If you are doing a kitchen renovation or are looking for more space leave me a comment and let me know if this site has given you any ideas!!!

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