Dec 152013

Longer Fuller Eyelash Growth Naturally!

fysiko-lashes-serum-500x500Fysiko Eyelash Growth Serum made in USA with natural ingredients. Helps to regrow eyelashes, makes eyelashes fuller and longer within 4-6 weeks. Doubles length and fullness of eyelashes in 8-12 weeks. Full results will be seen in 16 weeks.

FYSIKO ( pronounced [fi-zi-ko’]) is “natural” in Greek language.
Fysiko Lash Growth Serum made with natural ingredients and had been made by dermatologist who was frustrated with her own eyelashes.






My Role and Eyelash Growth

before-anf-after-fysiko-intagramI will be using this product as part of an affiliate program so that I can show you all exactly what to expect from this serum. Once I receive my order I will do my before pictures and then I will update weekly with my after photos with my eyelash growth. If you are interested in trying this with me please click on the pictures and place your order and we can guest blog and show our results together.

If you are interested in increased eyelash growth try this serum now. The reviews look amazing and since I have such fair skin I am excited to start using this myself. Maybe I won’t need mascara to may it look like I have eyelashes when I am done the 16 weeks! Using a natural, US made product is definitely something that sounds good to me! Leave a comment if you plan to use this or if you are interested in my results! I hope you will place your order and join in with me!


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