Jan 032014

Fight is this Weeks Prompt


It seems that this is the season to bring Christ into our lives but it’s the season where emotions run high and money runs tight and we often find ourselves being snappy and argumentative and involved in family fights for no reason that we even understand!

We have to remember that to fight is to cause fright and to cause fright is to be a bully and I don’t want to be a bully, especially to my family so I must find the time to slow down and take those pieces and turn them to peace in my heart and on my tongue so that instead of fighting with all my might isn’t necessary except in my walk with the our Lord.

I want to fight for the al-might-y. I want to scream His words into the streets and I want His message to be carried on the wings of eagles so that the past stays in the past and it doesn’t have the footing to last so the fight and the anger and the meanness that we can become no longer has a place in my heart or in my home and that fight can be cast out and the space in the place that He takes will not just be a small part.Five Minute Friday

Something’s are worth the fight and through His power, His grace, His might, I will one day be blessed to lay my eyes on His face. Yes to fight for what I believe in and care for isn’t a fight at all, it is a rite of passage. It makes me a warrior, a warrior for Christ, the Christ child and everything the bright light in my heart and the sky can stand and represent and I am filled with his love, love that is only capable and unconditional because it is ordained from up above.

His LOVE is worth the FIGHT!


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  1. Hi Marisa! your post reminds me of an important part of the battle…the rest. If we rest in Him, He will fight. I’m your neighbor at Five Minute Friday.

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