Dec 072015

download (2)My brother plays guitar, I have a guitar and so do both of my children. One thing that always comes in handy is new strings. Lets face it, they break, they can stretch out and they simply need replaced once in awhile. So since my brother was very young we have always put new strings in his stocking for Christmas, knowing he would use them. Morrell Music has a great selection of strings over on Musicians Friend. If someone you know plays any instrument that requires strings then I strongly suggest getting them for the stocking!! Nothing better than getting something you will use as a gift!!

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Sep 272015

Maybe I never knew who you were, the depths of your soul like you did mine. I bet you could run your finger over any part of my body and know it intimately without even taking a look. You could press my buttons and make me pant with desire and beg in frustration all at once. Yet my hands fumble down you, touching your face moving slowly down your neck and chest, caressing you as I explore, taking you all in, hesitating before grasping you –waiting for permission to hold you, take you in. My thoughts on pleasing you and wondering if I am gripping you tight enough. If the moans that escape your lips are frustration or pleasure. Who are you? What is your carnal being? Hands in my hair, attached, unable to escape, not that I want to, yet I pull to test the limits, I pull to see how strong you are and I know you won’t let go. I want to know you. The way you know me. Some say love shouldn’t be this hard. Loving you is easy. Being let in is where I stumble and fall.

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Sep 262015

I put my hair in a french braid this morning, it’s grown to the small of my back. You wanted to grow it as long as possible. You liked the natural color because coloring it damages it. As I braided for what seemed like forever I wondered to myself if I would cut my hair now or continue to grow it. I feel so completely yours, and yet deep down I know I am not. How do you move from TPE to doing it on your own? You decided everything from bedtime to wake up time, and even naps, whether i took Tylenol or Advil for a headache and so much more… It feels like you died. Though you still said good morning to me, after I said it to you, maybe because of habit, maybe because I am doing what I have been trained to do. Maybe because I have hope. Hope for what? I don’t know. You apologized to me, for breaking me, stating it was not your intention. I know it wasn’t, but that doesn’t pick up the jagged chard’s that I have become. I also know I brought this upon myself, which hurts even more. I said I can’t keep waiting for you to be ready. I can’t keep putting life off for a one day maybe. Yet now, it seems empty to even live. I don’t know if those are words I would take back. I don’t think I regret them. I do regret feeling free though. Reminds me of Aladdin when the Genie is finally freed and the cuffs magically fall to the floor. Only, instead of feeling exuberant I want to bend down and grasp them, place them back on, lay at your feet and refuse to let go.
I need to crawl into your bed and kiss you from head to toe. I need you to ravish me, and make me yours. Yet the dreams are just that, dreams, and the reality is that this is simply another death to mourn, another loss to grieve. A whiteout that I can’t see through.
I knew long distance never works. I walked into this knowing the pain that would come at the end. What I didn’t know was that I would lay down my life for someone so far away. That I could so easily give my life to you and know that it was okay.
I played piano late into the night. Tears streaming down my face. Notes fumbled and completely missed. Moonlight Sonata no longer flowing from me the way it did years ago.
I wish I could hate you. But somehow, I love you more…

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Sep 262015

Part of me is excruciatingly lost…. like my heart literally has been put through a meat grinder…. part of me is thinking “where the fuck do you find a quality master?” part of me is thinking “maybe i should just do the thing everyone else does and marry a pastor and call it done” and part of me feels like i should just give up because nothing will ever make me happy and the only thing that has shown me that there is a chance at happiness -you, is unattainable…

And yet, I still follow your instruction because that’s how life has been, I lay here shattered by the unknown and still want to please you. Your words telling me you love me, that you love my devotion-reverberate through me like the aftershocks of an earthquake or the orgasm I haven’t had, my body limp and exhausted, my mind wild and full of life. My cheeks raw from the salty tears that threaten to drown me if I move the wrong way. I am yours, yet somehow I am not…

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Nov 272014

Now that the weather has changed it is difficult to get out and even more difficult to fight with lines and stores that don’t have the product you really want suddenly online shopping sounds pretty darned amazing. What is better is when a company offers you a Money Back Guarantee this is pretty rare in company’s and it says to me that they are so confident in the quality of their products that they are willing to put money on it. So, definitely check out Musicians Friend!

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