Aug 302013

Blogging Brands

As the above graphic shows most Bloggers only blog about things they think are reputable. This is great for other Bloggers because it leaves a LARGE gap for content about many other things.

Now that you know what most people post about you can think outside of the box and do things that others are not. This will drive traffic to your site, move you up in Google and Bing search engines and even help with funding your blog!

Instead of support for the big companies and the high-end names support your local businesses or independent businesses on Etsy or Ebay or where ever and only good things will come!

What Should I be Blogging About?

ANYTHING and everything!

  • your favorite ice cream shop
  • the man who held the door for you
  • customer service you received
  • a good deed someone did for you
  • handmade items, like carvings, recipes, farmers market type items
  • purchases you have made on Ebay or Etsy
  • a book you have read
  • a TV show or a movie
  • friends, family
  • random thoughts

and the list goes on!

Why is Blogging so Important?

We are the new “newscast”! People are sick of listening to commercials on TV telling them what to buy. A large group no longer even has TV they use companies like Netflix which are commercial free as a means of getting direct entertainment on demand. So companies big and small have had to come around to this new means of word of mouth advertizing and get individuals to use their products in exchange for honest reviews!

What does this mean for you?

It means if you work hard and consistently you will get free products of all types from companies hoping you will give them a spot on your blog and spread the word about their product. It also means traffic and traffic means any monetizing you are using will likely increase and you will start being paid for blogging!

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