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About Me


old 081After beginning to blog about 2 years ago and having built several blogs and websites I have finally found what I love to write about the most -books, authors, and of course my own personal thoughts/journals. Showing my readers some amazing deals, promoting their products and participating in blog hops, and spotlights has become a daily task for me and it is definitely something I love!

I have wonderful children both here and in Heaven. I am a Christian woman and I read my Bible daily. However, don’t allow that to put you off. I definitely don’t allow my faith to allow me to judge others and I strive to teach my family the importance of having faith in a higher power while showing love to all.

I have four dogs, three miniature Dachshunds and one Shepherd X. Varying in age from only a few weeks to 8 years! I also have 2 cats, a bird and two fish tanks that hold between 100 and 200 fish at any given time. Aside from a castle for my red-finned shark all of my tank decor is natural granite, live plants and drift wood creating an amazing breeding ground for fish and snails!

In the summer I love to container garden and I love things that feel homey and rustic. My “style” would fall into a more classic modern in both my decor and my fashion choices. This allows me to switch things up without spending a lot.

I am excited to be welcomed into the world of reviews by so many generous and caring people.

Thank you so much for reading this far. I hope you enjoy my blog and reviews. Comments are always more than welcome!


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