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Time Management for the Blogger

Blogging can easily become a time eater, consuming a large majority of your day, week, and life. Thankfully it doesn’t have to be. Here are my tips to blog maintenance so  I can blog and still have a family life.

5 Time Tips

  1. Take the time to unsubscribe from all the emails you DO NOT NEED. These include emails from people you seldom open, spend time just hitting the delete button or read and don’t gain anything from. Streamlining your email to only receive what you need has been one of the best things I could do. Every email I get (almost) is one I open and read. If I find I have gone a week or so “saving” opening an email for a rainy day I unsubscribe from that list because I obviously don’t need it cluttering up my screen space or taking up my time.
  2. If you are self-hosted using you can easily go into your share settings so that each post you make is automatically shared to your favorite social media outlets, like Facebook and Twitter.
  3. If you are like me and generally do reviews pick a single place or two like Goodreads and Library Thing to be an active member. Signing up to more than a handful of these places will quickly eat up your time as you go from one site to the next to advertise your thoughts and posts. Places that offer widgets for your blog like Goodreads tend to be most familiar to readers.
  4. Create folders and use them in your email. I personally have one for my hobby’s like photography, one for invoices sent, one for bills paid, and one for invoices that have been paid in full. I choose to keep it simple. Stick with one main email account and separate my receipts and other documents as soon as I open them.
  5. Use one source of payments sent and received. I use PayPal. It documents all invoices I sent all invoices paid, and I am able to pay my blogging bills to GoDaddy directly from them as well, keeping all of my expense reports in one location, making it easier to find what I need when I need it. This also offers m y clients the ability to keep their own receipts and invoices in a single place if they so choose.

Blogging started out as a hobby for me, but when I started to bring in the odd dollar here and there I realized I had to keep records, especially if things were going to take off. I am so glad that I have this “paper” trail all accessible and in one area.

How do you make the most of your time online?




Bonus Tip

Keep family and friend emails to a separate account so when you open up your email to work you are actually working and not getting caught up in baby pictures or family announcements. When you are done with your blogging business for the day you can hop over to your other email and social networks and know you got everything you needed to get done finished for the day. Always treat blogging as you would any other job, especially if you plan to make money!


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  10 Responses to “5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Time Blogging + a Bonus!”

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  2. Great advice, especially UNSUBSCRIBING. 😉 I tend to subscribe and sign up for everything.

    • We all do, especially when entering contests. I try to pay attention to the bigger contests and after i know they are no longer running I go through and unsubscribe to what I don’t find useful. Half the time the posts are part of a tour I am already on so its just clutter and clutter = chaos!

  3. Great advice! I recently unsubscribed to dozens of emails that I wish I had time to read but don’t. Not only does it save time, it saves me from guilt! Love the bonus answer. By the time I answer family emails I forget what I was looking at the inbox for in the first place. . .

    • Thanks, I was doing the same thing so now I have “work email” and “personal email” which keeps everything going to the right place and is a BIG help with sticking to the appropriate task.

      I should also have added that changing my Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter settings to no mail, or very minimal mail is also a quick way to keep the chaos out of your email, which saves time and prevents distractions!

  4. You have great advise for someone new to blogging. I went through my email today and started unsubscribing to some of the emails that I get. I got sick last week and missed about eight days of reading email and had over seven hundred emails to read!!! I had to do something!!

    What do you mean about making the folders in your email? Do you move the emails to save them in those folders?

    Thanks again for such great advice!

    • It’s amazing what a few days away can teach us about the time we spend deleting things we don’t need. As far as folders go in my “Work email” I have several different folders that I do move things that I want or need to keep. I have an Amazon folder, all of my book “gifts” and my affiliate things go into the Amazon folder as soon as I am done reading it and only if its needed, like a receipt for something I have not received yet or that has a warranty. I also have one for Photography Tips as I signed up to receive daily photography tips because my camera is so much more capable then I am. These emails are quickly read and then saved away into the photography folder so I can review the videos at any time. Then I do keep a folder of work that needs to be done so I can easily update a client when I have posted my review or re-download an image if I lost it in my computer. I empty this folder as soon as the work is done and the client is satisfied.

      Personal Email is my Gmail and they also have a create folder system. I have an Amazon folder, an Itunes folder as everything my daughter purchases comes to my account and I want to be sure that if she deletes something by accident that she can get her apps or whatever back because she has the receipt. Then I also have a PayPal folder because that is the account linked to my PayPal, I put all of my payments received in it. I have a GoDaddy folder and place my monthly hosting fee receipts in there and coupon codes, but I have to be careful to edit out the coupon codes when they expire. Basically my actual inbox ONLY contains things that are unread, everything else is sorted into its proper folder, including an online shopping folder, or it is trashed. Everything is super easy to find this way and I don’t spend so much time searching for an email when I need it.

  5. I set a timer for each activity. I make the most of my blogging time by watching it closely.

    • Thats an AWESOME tip! I am guilty of actually falling asleep with my laptop on my belly in bed and my hand still on the mouse when i wake up, LOL… Time management is definitely something I am working on which is why I shared!

  6. I so needed this post today. I really need to get everything more organized like you have it so I can keep blog work separate from personal stuff. I also need to learn to make my time count instead of getting on FB first thing in the morning and find myself at 4 in the afternoon still there.

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